Welcome to the "family album" of Wolverhampton Boat Club.

It tells the story of Wolverhampton Boat Club. Starting as Autherley Boat Club in 1961, these photographs stand as a record of the dedication and hard work of the many members, past and present, who have made the club what is today.
Many thanks are due to Dave Necklen for digitising all the photos, to Norman Cooper for the text and to everyone who either loaned or gave the photographs.

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Hop Pole Inn, Oxley Moor Road 1995

Autherley Boat Club members attend Stafford Rally, held at Radford Bank, Stafford. May 1964 - Dignitaries view the Rally moorings on Cruiser Meg Merrilies owned by Jim and Enid Robbins. On board Dianne and Sally Robbins. May 1964.

Common during Rallies were Tug-o-wars between Narrowboats

Shroppie Fly owned by George and Olive Andrews after winding at Tixall Wide with Geoff Setchfield at the Helm, George Andrews indicating going to Starboard, Anthony Gregory and up the sharp end, Bob and Gwen Knott, Bob Clark a PR Officer/Reporter.

The first two day regatta and rally of boats held in June 1964 by Autherley Boat Club.

Shroppie Fly at Autherley Rally (Geoff Setchfield and Olive Andrews in the Centre Cockpit

Highly Satisfactory, a complete success throughout was how Commodore Sam Lomas described the first two-day regatta and rally of boats held in June by Autherley Boat Club at Autherley Junction. The profits of £75/11/Od will go towards the building of a new Clubhouse. 120 Boats took part and currently the Autherley Boat Club has at present a paid up Membership of 150. Top Left: Anthony Gregory with the Mayor, Harry Bagley on board Shroppie Fly. Lower Left: Mr. George Andrews, Chairman of the Regatta Committee with Commodore Mr. Sam Lomas and Mrs Allen, wife of the British Waterways Board General Manager. Lower right: The Shroppie Fly, a converted Shropshire Union Fly Boat previously named Ethelred, used for extra fast canal travel with frequent changes of horses that took precedent over other Canal traffic, owned by Mr. George Andrews.

The event was opened by Mr A.M. Allen, General Manager of the British Waterways Board. Top right: Mrs. Vera Logan on her double pontoon named Elva, treasurer in 1964 of Autherley Boat Club. Bottom right: The Mayor and Mayoress of Wolverhampton, Councillor & Mrs Harry Bagley with the Chairman ofTettenhall Urban Council, Councillor E.G.L. Pearce & Mrs Pierce board the Shroppie Fly) at Oxley Moor Road Bridge to take them to the Official Opening

A general view of The Autherley Boat Regatta on the Saturday with Paul Harrison 's boat XXXXXXX in the Stop Lock. The Boatyard was named 'Melody Line Cruisers' owned by Bob Watson.

The open space, to the right, being part of the Wolverhampton Airport operated by Don Everall Aviation Services.

The Cruiser Wild Rose with Bob & Gwen Knott on board under Junction Bridge by Autherley Lock

The Cruiser Wild Rose with Bob & Gwen Knott on board under Junction Bridge by Autherley Lock

The craft are mainly of Fibreglass and plywood construction with a few Iron Ex-Working Narrowboat conversions. The centre cockpit cruiser on the far-side owned by Ernest Sillitoe and named Lazy Days.

The white-hulled boat with the blue timber superstructure on the far side of the canal is named Shelagh owned by Dr Tom Kemp and subsequently owned by Gordon Vickers. The Ernest Thomas was given by Ernest Thomas of Calf Heath to the National Association of Boys Clubs and the engine was given and maintained by Jack Bradburn of Bradburn & Wedge, later the Ernest Thomas was sold and became Vulcan owned by Charlie and Horace Foster.

Boat built from a kit bought from 'Bell Woodworking'

Ernest Sillitoe of Darlaston made a film of the Rally.

Judo demonstration by the Halesowen Judokai Club.

Judo demonstration by the Halesowen Judokai Club

The Plans for the large-scale regatta in June were discussed by Autherley Boat Club at their Annual meeting held at the Wolverhampton Conservative Club. At that time there were 73 boats moored at Autherley and more were expected. The trophies for the competitions held were presented by Mr. David Hutchings, manager of the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal.

The Plaque. Autherley Boat Club Regatta, Wolverhampton, 1964.

The Autherley Boat Club Car Badge

Sam Lomas BEM. Commodore from 1962 until 1966. Known as "Osmakuntar" Sam (It's the way Sam spoke it.) (Osmakuntar - Caulking the hull of wooded planked craft, using Oakum) "Osmakuntar, Horse muck and Tar".


Caulking the bottom of Orianne at Norbury Dry Dock.

Sam Lomas by the Lock Office, adjacent to the Stop Lock at Autherley Junction, built in 1830 and listed as a Historic building in 1992. Sam, born at Middlewich, Cheshire, the youngest of 16. Started work in 1916 and came to Autherley Junction in 1926.

Sam Lomas’s British Empire Medal. Awarded in the 1958 Honours List. "Traffic Inspector, British Transport, Waterways.

For Meritorious service

July 1964 a race against time to repair a lock on the Stratford canal at Lowsonford, a small village between Lapworth and Stratford-on-Avon. The lock was out of alignment with a bridge 'ole restricting the passage of larger boats. It goes on to say if the lock is not operational within the next few days it could seriously effect the Festival of Boats to be held at Stratford and the Canal re-opening by the Queen Mother on the 11th July 1964. The volunteers were prepared to work through the night if necessary to complete the work. Electric lighting, if required, in order to repair the lock will be powered by boat engines, but at dusk work was completed with a few minutes left before closing time at the (Fleur-de-lys) village inn. The Canal manager Mr. David Hutchings of the National Trust commented "It must be the first time cruising boaters have had to build a lock before they could pass through”.

March 1965 and the Boat Club go to The Stourbridge Canal to work on Lock Number 7 by Swan Lane Bridge. Dave Grunbaum wearing glasses and berry.

Its dirty work down below

Taking a break, Olive Andrews, David Tomlinson, Co-founder of the Staffs & Worcs Society, Clara Garland, Marion Yardley, George Andrews, Geoff Setchfield, Reg Garland, Dave Grunbaum and Margaret Bailey.

Autherley Boat Club trip of 38 Members and friends to Rudesheim in Germany September 1965. Coach by Don Everall. Members include, from the Left, Bob Garland, Maureen Craddock, Ted Bailey, Margaret Bailey, Bob and Gwen Knott, Clara Garland, Reg Garland, Tom and Eileen Davies.

At Rudesheim in the cellars of Adleturn Keller -with Enid Robbins, Eileen Davies, Margaret Bailey, Clara Garland, Gwen Knott and Olive Andrews.

Then at the Schieffer Kellar with Olive Andrews, Mollie Mannion, Skip Mannion, Maureen Craddock, Clara Garland, Bob Garland with raised hand, Ben Fradley with the cigarette in the middle and Ted Bailey with bow tie.

Into Bernkastel

On to a cruise of the Rhine

Where fully laden working barges are encountered

Some press cuttings 1962 - 1965. June 1962, Autherley, 'A barbecue at Autherley Boat Club was opened by Ernie Thomas of Walsall, one of the largest independent canal boat operators in the country'. In June 64, The Shropshire Union Canal at Autherley Junction, Wolverhampton on Saturday was as busy as any tourist centre can be, crowds of visitors left their cars behind and went to watch the Autherley Boat Club Regatta. Wolverhampton Boat Club's hopes of a Clubhouse and Headquarters have had a setback. They have been refused planning permission by Seisdon Rural District Council because of added danger through vehicular traffic to the site. Mr Bob Knott a Stourbridge Surveyor and Committee Member who has been acting for the Club says "We shall be appealing against the decision". It goes on to say, The site borders upon the Shropshire Union Canal and is only half a mile from -where the Autherley Boat Club have extensive moorings. Wolverhampton Corporation own the land and have offered no objections to the Boat Club's plans, neither have there been any objections by the British Waterways Board or local residents. Wine tasting weekend in Germany, Sept 65. Wine on the Rhine, over 30 flew out from Castle Donnington Airport on Friday morning in a Dakota for a two-day tour along the German river visiting its ancient towns and vinyards. They landed in Luxembourg and took a coach across the German border to their hotel at Rudesheim on the banks of the Rhine. They ate Lunch at the Schijfers Kellar -which dates back to the 12th Century. Leaving Luxembourg Airport to arrive back at Castle Donnington.

More Press cuttings 1965-1967. Friday July 2nd 1965, The members of Autherley Boat Club have won their battle for a new Clubhouse. Thanks to Mr. Knott, the Autherley Boat Club should start the building of their new headquarters on Sunday weather permitting. 'No longer at the junction', mentions the fact that the name of Autherley Boat Club, Wolverhampton is to be changed this month, this is being done to avoid confusion with a new club with a similar name and also because the Club is moving its headquarters from Autherley junction to the new clubhouse in Pendeford Lane. Boat Clubs Birthday 1967, Wolverhampton Boat Club celebrates the first anniversary of the opening of its new clubhouse at Pendeford Lane this weekend, about 100 boats of Members and friends are expected when waterbourne activities are planned.

The beginning of the building of the Clubhouse, starting on the 7th November 1965. After a meeting of 65 Members at The Hartley Arms Wheaton Aston, 11th September 1965 to discuss the building and Financing of the Clubhouse, where Jim Yates and Jack Cresswell guaranteed the funding, later becoming Vice-Presidents Johny Whitehouse of Metal Products Ltd. Willenhall, supplied the Lorry. The Building had been purchased earlier from 'Jury Holloware) at Brierley Hill in April 1965 and stored at the works of Duo-Rubber and Engineering at Alder sley. Here we see George Andrews in the bobble hat, Graham Yardley in those distinctive red boots and Dave Grunbaum in the orange jumper.

Part of 4 Work Party sheets meticulously kept by Geoff Setchfield

Here we see members including Wilf Walton, Bill Allum and Dave Grunbaum unloading. The shale was supplied by Jim Yates of Norton Canes.

Walton's Portable Buildings Lorry also being used.

On the lorry Ted Bailey and Bob Garland and then George Andrews who was Clerk of Works, Dave Grumbaum, Jim Dumbell with the cigarette, Wilf Walton with the tie, Vic Hulme with the Bobble Hat, Tom Davies and Bill (Jock) Allum getting stuck in with others.

Building erection begun Nov 1965. Jim Dumbell in the hat

Wood cladding the outside of the clubhouse. Note treated timbers.

The drainage pipes for the car park being laid by the Ladies.

Craigellachie, May's Galley owned by Vic and May Hulme providing refreshments. Bill Gregory and Olive Andrews drinking tea, George Andrews, Vic Hulme with the bobble Hat and Graham Yardley nearest with Hilda Walton near to Patricia Walton serving and Ted Bailey amongst others.

Hilda Walton, who's hair and make-up, even at Workparties was always immaculate, also George Andrews,Clara Garland and Patricia Walton.

Jim Dumbell, using a mechanised wheel-barrow, and John Shaw on shovel.

Wilf Walton and Graham Yardley.

Mays Galley -with the Boulton Paul aircraft factory in the Background, Wilf Walton -wearing a tie, Jim Dumbell on spade, and Vic Hulme on left.

Beginnings of the roof with Steve Harrison, who used to own Apple, and Bob Garland.

As above with Anthony Gregory using paint brush.

Jim Dumbell and Clara Garland in the fore-ground with Anthony Gregory and others in the background.

Start of the Toilet-Block with Jim Dumbell, John Shaw, Norman Barratt and Doug Hallett on spade wearing a Trilby Hat

Hilda and Patricia Walton.

Craigellachie, Mays' Galley, Christine Hulme with the red hair

The Clubhouse building is progressing and fittings inside awaiting installation with George and Olive Andrews and Bailey Mannion.

Graham Yardley with the pipe

Tom and Eileen Davies started the Club song 'Lloyd George new my Father’

Refreshments now inside the Clubhouse. From left to right, Bailey Mannion, Graham Yardley, Tom Davies, Olive Andrews, Ted Bailey, Margaret Bailey, Eileen Davies, Wilf Walton with his back to us, May Hulme with the Basin, Vic Hulme with the bobble hat, Patricia Walton, Hilda Walton wearing scarf and Jim Dumbell

At the back is Bob Garland, Hilda Walton in the headscarf, Bailey Mannion, Reg Garland wearing black, Vic Hulme, George Andrews, Graham Yardley, Geoff Setchfield, Eileen Davies in red, Clara Garland, Tom Davies and Wilf Walton

Geof Setchfield, George Andrews, John Shaw, Jim Dumbell, Vic Hulme, Wilf Walton, Eileen Davies and at the back, Bob Garland, Stan Hulme and at the front, Bailey Mannion and Graham Yardley in beret.

The Bar being built with Tom and Eileen Davies, Geoff Setchfield, George Andrews, Paul Barron, Wilf Walton to the right and Norman Roberts with his back to us. All the Bar fittings came from the 'United Servicemans Club, Waterloo Road

Inside the Clubhouse, sheeting the roof.

The Clubhouse is progressing well, notice the lack of trees on the towpath

Graham Yardley and Wilf Walton on the roof

Graham Yardley

A view showing Pendeford Hall Farm in the distance with Maureen Craddock, Pat Walton and George Andrews niece, Linda Setchfield up on the roof, -with Graham Yardley in the background.

Sam Lomas by the Toilet Block at the back of the Clubhouse saying "The Boat folk go building, step by step, the members themselves build a 50ft by 20ft clubhouse in order to keep costs low.

The Black cylindrical vessel was used for elsan disposal at the side of the toilet block and was supplied by N. Brookes Scrapyard. The first craft was 'Gay Knight' owned by Geoff Setchfield and the other boat was named 'Reliance'.

Piling the Moorings outside the Clubhouse, Jim Dumbell with the hammer and A.F. Barron (Tony) leaning on the post, with The 'Halletts boat moored nearby.

Externally almost complete with the entrance to the Clubhouse in the middle and the Bar to the right. The steps were fabricated by George Andrews and Geoff Setchfield. SLIDE 81/

George Andrews, Wilf Walton and Ted Bailey taking a break.

Autherley Boat Club name changed to...

...Wolverhampton Boat Club

Celebrating two vital acts of Parliament, guests in colourful period costume at the bi-centenary dinner held at Eaton Lodge, Rugeley, June 1967

Guests and Wolverhampton Boat Club members in period costume outside Eaton Lodge, Rugeley.

From left to right, George Andrews, Ted Bailey, Dennis Goodall, Reg Garland, Wilf Walton, Graham Yardley, Bill Gregory and Bob Garland.

Ted and Margaret Bailey outside the entrance to the Clubhouse

Rita Gregory

Dennis Goodall, who we must thank for taking most (If not all) of the photographs of the building of the Clubhouse.

Maureen Craddock, Patricia Walton, Clara Garland, Margaret Bailey and Hilda Walton.

Bob Garland, Bill Gregory, Norman Roberts and Ted Bailey.

From left to right, Dennis Goodall, Olive Andrews, Marjorie Hallet, Rita Gregory, Reg Garland, Margaret Bailey, Irene Allum, Peggy Ainsworth, Bill Gregory, Albert Ainsworth, Ted Bailey and George Andrews kneeling.

Laying concrete at the Club just prior to its Official opening.

Clubhouse just prior to its Official Opening with a Mark 10 Jaguar in the Car park

Wolverhampton Boat Club, Official opening of the Clubhouse September 24th 1966 by Dr. Roger Pilkington.

Part of Official programme.

Part of Official programme.

Part of Official programme.

The Buffet provided for honoured guests at the Codsall home of Mr. and Mrs. Dumbell. "The Firs".

The morning of the opening, notice the swing-bridge, there was an oil drum on the other end. The boats moored on Towpath North are 'Smuggler' owned by Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dumbell, 'Graziella' owned by Mr. and Mrs. Tom Davies, 'Shellagh' owned by Tom Kemp and 'Lora'c owned by Graham and Marion Yardley.

Getting prepared on the Towpath Moorings. Sharpness owned by Stan Clover being boarded

Dr. Roger Pilkington and Mrs Pilkington boarding Admiral Benbow owned by Mr. and Mrs. Jim Yates, by bridge 5, Pendeford Hall Lane, with members Jim Yates with his back to us and Jim Dumbell assisting.

Mr A.M. Allan, General Manager British Waterways and Mrs Allan Boarding with the Chairman of Seisdon Urban Council, Councillor L.H. Dent and Mrs. Dent waiting with Carl Blundell, Jim Dumbell and Johnny Whitehouse assisting.

Captain L. Monk Chairman of the I.W.A and the Kennet and Avon Canal Trust and Mrs Monk Boarding, with members Carl Blundell in waistcoat, a young Tony Gregory, Johnny Whitehouse and with his back to us, Jim Yates in attendance.

By the narrows, built to protect Boulton Paul’s Aircraft Factory from flooding if the Canal was bombed by the Luftwaffe during the Second World War approaching bridge number 4, Wobaston Road.

Under bridge number 4, Wobaston Road.

Arriving at the Wolverhampton Boat Club. Moored on the Towpath are 'Smuggler' owned by Jim Dumbell, 'Graziella', owned by a Mr. J. Davies, 'Ratty', owned by Bailey Mannion and 'Shelagh' owned by Dr. Tom Kemp.

The presentation party with Rita Gregory, John Whitehouse, Judith Gregory and possibly the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Grunbaum

Dr. Roger Pilkington and party stepping ashore.E

Opening Ceremony on the Hard with George Andrew at the mic, with Tom Kemp and Dr Pilkington in attendance.

Raising the Wolverhampton Boat Club flag designed in a competition won by Geoff Setchfield and made by Mrs Grunbeaum whilst the band of the Royal Engineers - 48th Division (T.A) played.

Another view of the WBC Flag being raised.

Dr. Roger Pilkington at the mic.

Visitors on the Club Car park during the opening ceremony including Paddy Ebbon & Rita Gregory

Dr Roger Pilkington with Dr. Tom Kemp at the entrance to the Clubhouse with Marion Yardley and Norman Roberts spectating and Roger Squire right at the back.

Commodore Dr. Tom Kemp inviting Dr. Pilkington to officially open the Clubhouse.

Dr Roger Pilkington cuts the ribbon

Inside the Clubhouse at the reception with Ted and Margaret Bailey and Honoured guests

Tom Kemp presenting Sam Lomas with the Illuminated Address that has always resided at the Clubhouse.

Tom Kemp presenting George Andrews with a silver salver in recognition of being "Clerk of the Works" for the building of the Clubhouse.

Ted and Margaret Bailey at a table with Mr. & Mrs. Allan and Tom Kemp with Dr. Roger Pilkington and Mrs. Pilkington at another

In the Clubhouse, Mr. A.M. Allan, General Manager BW and Mrs. Allan with Margaret Bailey, and with Dr. Tom Kemp and Mrs. Kemp, Dr. Roger Pilkington and Mrs. Pilkington.

Captain L. Munk Chairman of the I.W.A. and the Kennet and Avon Canal Trust, talking to George Andrews

Outside, The Band of the Royal Engineers - 48th Division (T.A.) plays on.

'Admiral Benbow', tour over, notice state of Towpath Banking

Opening Day Cruise to Chillington Wharf and return

Opening Day Cruise to Chillington Wharf and return With Anthony Gregory on the bows of the Cruiser.

Opening Day Cruise to Chillington Wharf and return With 'Cactus' just about to wind

The Bar, at the Clubhouse with Jim and Betty Dumbell.

At the Evening ‘do’ in the Clubhouse with George Andrews talking with Captain L. Munk and Audrey Walker also visible

Another view of the Bar taken at another time with Dr. Tom Kemp standing near to his Housekeepers Clock (Miss Strickland) with Patricia and Hilda Walton seated.

June 1967, Anglers and Boaters in peace moves. 18 officials of the fishing world accepted an invitation to hold a meeting with 50 members of The Wolverhampton Boat Club at their Clubhouse. The boats interfere with us but we don't interfere with them state the secretary.
The trouble has developed in the last 5years as boat traffic has increased, he goes on to say,' He wanted to see boats banned altogether during contest hours'.
The boaters replied that it is not all one sided, Mrs Margeret Bailey, secretary of the Wolverhampton Boat Club said, 'That they endure abusive language and leave litter'. George Andrews stated, 'That the basic interests of both the boat enthusiasts and the fishermen were in common such as weed free waters'.

The boaters and anglers will present a united front sending a petition of over 10,000 signatures to Parliament.

The Barge ‘Palinurus’ cruising along a quite stretch of the Nivernais Canal in France, carrying 50 passengers. 130ft long by 16ft wide French Barge owned by two brothers from Albrighton, John and Richard Parsons.

Members of Wolverhampton Boat Club relax on board. From the left standing are Mr. George Andrews, Mr Wilf Walton, Jean the Stewardess, Mr. John Cresswell and sitting Mrs. Olive Andrews, Miss Pat Walton, Mrs J Cresswell, Mrs Enid Robbins, Mrs Hilda Walton and Mr. Geoff Setchfield

Jack Craddock on the right, nephew Roy on the left on board Jacks boat 'Beatty' in July 1967, en-route to the re-opening of the Stourbridge Canal, at Stourton Junction.

The LMS Dock at Horseley Fields, Wolverhampton. The management of the dock was a consortium of Andrews, Mannion and Setchfield called The AMS Marine Co., with Nova Scotia being built by Reg, Robert and Clara Garland

'Nova Scotia' in the Dock under construction, showing the squared stern.

'Nova Scotia' and Reg Garland, with Remus owned by Jock Allum behind, a ‘V’ Twin Turner engine on the floor with other boats under construction.

'Nova Scotia' ready for launching in the dock with Reg Garland. Notice the rubbish in the Canal

The Launch of ‘Nova Scotia’ from the left, Jock Allum, Anthony Gregory, Charlie Simms, Elsie Simms, Stuart Allum, May Hulme, Clara Garland holding the rope, Vic Hulme and Anita Simms with Reg Garland on the boat with his back towards us.

'Nova Scotia' launched, in the arm outside the Dock.

Another member Jock Allum, building his boat 'Remus' one half of 'Romulus' (George Andrews)

The side of the dock, 'Pirate' ( later owned by Vic Johnson) under construction, the other half of 'Endeavor' (Bill Gregory). Nick Stead in the foreground.

Another view near the Dock showing Manleys Paint works.

'Nova Scotia' up the 'Shroppie' at The Wide Holes between bridges 5 and 6 with Reg and Clara Garland, Vic and May Hulme with others and Steve Harrison at the Helm.

Open day on the first Anniversary of the opening of the Clubhouse, with Albert Sheppard of A.T.V's Crossroads. A members car dragging a metal frame to flatten the field. The entrance gate showing was only used for a very short period of time.

General view of the Wolverhampton Boat Club towards the end of its first anniversary open day

September 1967, Protest cruise at Pelsall Common, where seen on the roof of 'Orianne', Norman Roberts has just proposed marriage to Helen Dick (daughter of Commodore of Lymm cruising club). Also on board are Margaret Bailey, Ted Bailey, Alan Garnell (Director of Dudley Canal Trust) John Marigold, Anthony Gregory, Jim Dumbell, Geoff Walker, Howard Walker, Tom Bayfield, Eileen Davies, Tom Davies, Audrey Walker and Connie Bayfield.

September 1968 Open Day, The Tombola Tent with Paddy Ebbon

September 1968 Open Day, Guests boarding 'Endeavor', Bill Gregory’s boat with 'Wedgefield', Roger Squire’s boat behind and 'Romulus' just in owned by George Andrews

September 1968 Open Day, Competition for Radio Controlled model boats

September 23rd 1968, The Ashton dig. Members of the Inland Waterways Association and interested boat clubs clean out One and a Half miles of the Ashton Canal between Fairfield and Clayton Junctions

Workers scatter as 16 year old Trevor Setchfield of Dudley a member of the Wolverhampton Boat Club lifted a live Anti-aircraft Shell from the bed of the derelict Ashton Canal The Wolverhampton Commodore, Ted Bailey took charge of the Shell who then took it to the nearby Police Station in order to protect what was a crowded site. The biggest Club contingent was The Wolverhampton Boat Club party that travelled up to Manchester by coach.

Trevor Setchfield and Ted Bailey

This shows part of the site

As does this view with Ted Bailey

December 1968, New Bridge erected with BWB permission (providing a horse can get under on the Towpath side), also showing the Old swing bridge removed with 'Romulus' under the bridge

December 1968, with 'Romulus' cruising past Work area.

Arthur Charlesworth with Vera Lomas and Arthur’s dog, Pendy. Arthur was living alone in a small caravan behind the Clubhouse and did all manner of jobs. Arthur was not a boater, retiring from the P.D.S.A.

Patricia Walton and Cleo on Pete and Roger Currells boat 'Kestrel'

'Orianne', Ted and Margaret Baileys boat with dignitaries (The Association of Ex-Mayors) on board, outside the Wolverhampton Boat Club.

'Orianne, Ted and Margaret Baileys boat with dignitaries (The Association of Ex-Mayors) on board, outside the Wolverhampton Boat Club.

A Wintry 1969 at Kinver with Bob Knott's House-Boat

Another view during 1970 before members of The Wolverhampton Boat Club helped take the Un-powered House-Boat to Stourport with a 6 horse power Johnson Outboard motor, owned by Norman Cooper

Happy days cruising on the Cut, An Express And Star piece by 'Arrowsmith'.

1970 April 25th The Wild West Nite at the Wolverhampton Boat Club. With Harry Ebbon as usual on the Piano. Also showing Harold Lomas, Jim Millington, Margaret Bailey, May Hulme, Rita Gregory, Marge Hallett and Clara Garland. Shotgun wedding, Pete Powell with the Winchester and Jim Millington sticking a colt into Mannion Larkins ribs, while Vera and Tony Gough and Parson Roger Squire and Midge Squire take it calmly.

Jim Millington, Vera Lomas with half-pint, Margaret Bailey with a glass of wine, Harold Lomas and Reg Garland playing cards with Kitty Williams looking on.

From the left, Margaret Bailey, Marge Hallett, Rita Gregory, Clara Garland and May Hulme.

To be continued .....