(Played on 25th February 2017)

Match report by Ian and David Robinson.

A select group of club members and visitors attended the annual Pool Finals night to witness the culmination of the two competitions which had started way back in October. Dave Evans was aiming to be both Single and Doubles champion, a feat he has achieved three times before in 2002 ,2007 and 2010.

Martin Howes was the referee for the Doubles Final between Dave and Barrie Parkes, and Dennis Peake and David Robinson. The final was tight and tense ( had the occasion got to the 4 finalists ?), and lacked the level of skill that is usually seen on a normal Wednesday.All the frames were closely fought but each had their highlights. In frame 1, Dennis potted 6 yellows in 9 shots and the long black was despatched very accurately. Dave sorted out frame 2 with 5 yellows to set up Barrie for the kill. A cross double by David was worthy of his partner and mentor but to no avail.The teams traded pots in the next frame until Dave proved to be decisive with 4 yellows and the black to make it 2-1.Dave and Barrie got the early advantage in frame 4 and despite a good rearguard action from Dennis and David in escaping snookers with skill, Dave sealed a 3-1 victory with the decisive black.

A tasty supper of "grey peys n bercun", courtesy of Phil Smith; bread, cheese and black pudding prepared by Philippa Bryan and Barbara Evans in the interval set everyone up for the Singles Final.

The Singles Final was between Dave Evans and John Derrick, last years champion. Dennis donned the white gloves to referee what promised to be a close contest. In frame 1 both players were wary and played a positional game. Towards the end Dave played an excellent pot using the rest which enabled him to draw first blood.
In frame 2 Dave had the early advantage but John fought back by setting some good snookers which made Dave think hard. Eventually Dave hit back with his own successful snooker allowing him to use his free shot wisely, and the last yellow and the black made it 2-0.John started best in the next frame only for Dave to even things up in the middle of the game.John then potted the last 2 yellows needing only the black. 5 shots later he took his first frame 2-1 That pattern was repeated in frame 4, John potting 4 yellows and Dave 5 reds.They both potted their remaining colours for it to hinge on the black.Dave took it at the first attempt, 3-1 ,and sealed the victory.

So both trophies were presented to Dave, but it had not been an easy night for him as all 8 frames had been cagey and cautious.However ....Well Done Dave!

Finally a big thank you to all the people who made the evening possible. As always at WBC the help and support for such an event was superb and is MUCH appreciated.