"Frame 1, Martin to break". These words from referee Dennis Peake signalled the start of the final stage of the annual Pool Competition. This year John Derrick had already been declared the Singles Champion as his opponent for the final had declared himself unavailable so instead we saw a match between Honore Darmanin and Martin Howes for the runner-up position.

Frame 1 was dominated by Martin, potting 4 yellows before Honore could respond. He then potted 3 more yellows but it took another 7 shots to get the black into a pottable position and then a great cross double shot took the frame.

Frame 2. Once Honore got into the frame, he gained the advantage by potting 6 reds and the black in just 12 shots.

Frame 3. Again Honore started well and potted 5 reds to Martin's lone yellow. He maintained his form to the end and led 2-1.

The highlight of frame 4 was when Martin cut a great yellow into the middle pocket, and the cue ball freed another ball, but either he was confused or in need of a rest as he went to his chair. To everyone's amusement he needed to be informed that he could continue. However, it was to no avail as Honore finished with 2 successive reds and the black to clinch the victory 3-1.

Then followed the traditional supper of "grey peys n bercun", crusty bread. Black pudding and cheese expertly prepared by Phil Smith, Julie and Gill.

The Doubles Final was between Dave Evans/Dave Morgan and John Derrick/Paul Bryan. Each team played in different strips. John and Paul chose multicoloured shirt or tie, while the two Daves opted for minimalistic monochrome. In his first final Paul got frame 1 off to a confident start by potting 3 yellows. There was a lull in potting but then the Daves took over , potting 5 reds and the black without reply.

Frame 2 saw the Daves win in just 18 shots.

Frame 3 began with Dave Evans potting 3 reds, only for John to match him with 3 yellows. They traded colours until Paul took over the final stages by potting 3 yellows and the black. A fine way to close out the frame to make it 1-2.

The start of frame 4 was dominated by the 2 Daves who potted 6 yellows between them in just 7 shots. This forced John and Paul to play defensively, but eventually Dave Morgan saw his chance to pocket the final yellow and the black to claim the title for the two Daves.

Another great evening......so thanks to all those who helped with running the bar, the kitchen, setting it up and Barrie Parkes for providing the pictures that gave the spectators a clear view of the proceedings.

I'm already looking forward to the finals next year.

David Robinson.