Match report by Paul Bryan.

The trophies were laid out on the table, the competitors' chairs and tables were set and the big screen was showing a commanding overview of the field of battle to come. All was set for what the excited audience had been waiting for.

MC Paul Bryan introduced the two teams; Dave Evans and Arthur Beech versus Brian Buckley and Phil Smith and then handed over proceedings to referee Denis Peake.Dave and ArthurBrian and Phil

After the toss Dave had the first shot, but like Brian and Arthur was unsuccessful until Phil potted the first red. Brian backed this up with another red. Dave sank two yellows in the same visit, So it continued, the pots seem to alternate during this rather tentative frame. Arthur's seventh visit to the table left Phil with a difficult snooker which resulted in him making a foul shot. Dave potted a yellow with a corner to corner shot. No more score until his next visit when he sank another ball and then missed the final yellow-another foul shot, leaving Brian to pot the last red, then Arthur had the last yellow and then the black. A win for Dave and Arthur after 24 minutes.

Frame two was a much more rapid affair; Arthur set Phil two snookers which he cleared easily, and after 16 exciting minutes the frame was in the bag for Dave and Arthur.

Arthur had the break in frame three, and Brian bagged a yellow. On his second visit Arthur put away four reds, to be answered by Brian taking three yellows. After Arthur's foul shot Brian moved the black and then potted a yellow, missing with his next shot. It was then left to Arthur to sink the black. Eighteen minutes for the frame and just two minutes short of the hour for the match.

The lights came on and we were all treated to grey peas and bacon, black pudding and cheese. The lucky few had seconds, but it was soon all gone. Carol served a range of beverages over the bar during the interval, and with quiet efficiency, throughout the evening. JohnBrian

Singles The singles was underway by a little after nine o'clock. The players were announced: Brian Buckley and John Derrick, and referee Dave Robinson took charge of the match. Brian had the break, but the cue ball was the only ball to see the inside of the pocket. Two foul shots from John, some accurate potting from both players, but it was John who had the final ball after 19 minutes.

The second frame was a thoughtful affair. Although it was as long as the first frame, it was John's in just eight visits to the table. By the third frame the tide turned and it was Brian's after 25 minutes. In an equally long fourth frame, John twice made a foul shot digging himself out of Brian's snookers. It was close, but John took the frame. Frame five looked like John's as he had sunk five yellows to Brian's red, but the game turned and it was Brian's.

In what was to be the final frame, both players left the table without disturbing the pockets more times than they did with a result. The potting was pretty even-Stephen, but luck smiled on John and after 20 minutes tense play, John took the frame and the trophy.

This competition could not have taken place without a great deal of effort from a lot of people: the pool committee, catering, bar, room setting, video relay, referees, players who fell in the earlier rounds and the warm appreciation of the audience. Thanks to you all.