Pool Competition Finals 21 February 2010 - Report by Norman Cooper

Honore Darmanin
& Robert Lintern
3 Frames Martin Howes
& Geoff Winslow
2 Frames
Dennis Peake 4 Frames Dave Evans3 Frames

As usual the clubhouse for the Annual Pool Final night had been superbly laid out by David Evans & Barry Parkes, with the table for the prizes looking resplendent. The video system was operational to further enhance the enjoyment of the gathering crowds. A little before eight o’clock the Master of Ceremonies, Mr David Morgan, announced the first match; a doubles affair, the best of 5 frames, with finalists, Honore Darmanin & Robert Lintern up against Martin Howes & Geoff Winslow, all looking resplendent and suitably over dressed for the occasion. Our referee for this match was Barry Parkes.

The first frame was a very tight and interesting frame when suddenly one of the lights over the table blew. Before yours truly had got back from the bathroom (American terminology) the frame had continued with Geoff superbly potting the Black in his nominated pocket whilst being snookered, to take the first frame. The second frame was finally won by Honore & Robert to level the match, only for once again Martin & Geoff to take the third, and the lead again. Not to be beaten, Honore & Robert took the fourth frame to level the match again, and it must be said that during these frames, there were some cracking shots played and also some spectacular misses, although it must be said those misses did not alter the outcome in the frames they were played, also each and every frame had been dependant on who potted the black first, that was how close the two teams were. So with 2 frames each for both teams and the match being the best of 5, it was down to the final frame. Played out like the previous four, with nothing at all being given away by either side, each shot being carefully considered before being executed. Finally, with only the black ball on the table, Honore and Robert came out the winners. As the lights were turned up, Grey Pay’s and bacon, cheese on baguettes and black pudding was admirably served by a bevy of gorgeous ladies of the boat club.

As soon as the Galley shutters rolled down and Dee & Bernard Slater our Bar volunteers for the evening had pulled further pints, David Morgan announced the competitors for the Singles, the usual 7 frames, as Dave Evans versus Dennis Peake, with the referee being Norman Cooper . This match was a very fluid affair, proceeding at quite a pace with both players potting a number of balls quite easily at a visit to the table and then missing just as easily to pot one, at another visit. Dennis took the first frame then lost the second to Dave to even the match. Dennis took the third only to be caught up by Dave who took the fourth. With Dave winning the fifth frame, Dennis had to win the sixth in order to stay in the match and take it to the deciding frame, which he managed to do.

The frames had been played in a great spirit of comradeship with at one time Dave announcing that he had fouled ( without the Referee noticing – could this be his last ) and all the frames played were touch and go all through. In the final frame with still many balls of both players on the table, a shot by Dave inadvertently put the black into a middle bag, the referee was shocked ( he will have to go )and after deliberating, announced a foul and declared Dennis the winner by 4 frames to 3. A new name on the trophy, as Dave had won the trophy many times in previous years and the much slimmer and youthful looking Dennis had been close to winning in many previous years but had not quite managed to pass the finishing line. Our Commodore Shirley Wood, amongst much flashing of cameras by the WBC Paparazzi ( alright, so it was one mobile phone camera) presented the trophies and another well-presented Wolverhampton Boat Club Pool Final evening came to an end.