AWCC flag Wolverhampton Boat Club is a member of AWCC.
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The benefits are:

ONE: Protecting your interests
Boat owners are under more pressure today than ever before. The Association of Waterways Cruising Clubs represents the interests of 6,000 inland waterways boat owners, through the membership of over 100 cruising clubs. We act as a forum for boaters to address the many issues, both local and national, which can affect your club and your enjoyment of cruising inland waterways.

TWO: Visiting other clubs
For boat owners who cruise regularly - even if only for their annual holiday - AWCC club membership enables you to apply for temporary moorings at other AWCC member clubs, and be offered additional facilities during your stay. Providing there a berth is available, you can tie up overnight and be assured a welcome at any AWCC club. And if you wish to explore waterways further afield, you may be able to exchange your club mooring with a fellow AWCC member for a longer period. Many boaters 'weekend' their craft on extended cruises and value the peace of mind that comes from leaving their craft on a secure club mooring, especially in a strange town.

THREE: Boater's rescue service
Boat owners tend to resourceful. But every boatman has experienced a breakdown, which appears to be insoluble. And they often crop up when you seem to be miles from anywhere, or time is precious and you have no knowledge of local facilities. That's where club membership of the AWCC is invaluable. In fact it was just such an emergency mishap that prompted the formation of the Association in 1965. Since then many members affiliated to the AWCC have been assisted in an emergency while cruising.AWCC card The Association's handbook lists every member club throughout the Country. So you only have to reach a telephone and call the nearest club for assistance, transport or professional help. By providing a link between clubs, the Association fosters friendship and closer co-operation throughout the waterways.

If you want visit other clubs in this way, you will need to prove your affiliation to the AWCC. You need to get a card, (shown left), from the AWCC representative (see link to Committee and officers). You can also order an AWCC Handbook, giving the location of all the member clubs, and the phone numbers of their Harbourmasters.