Easter Cruise cancelled!

- but Paul's Polar Cruise goes ahead instead.

Sixteen boats set off for Wheaton Aston on Friday 21st March in spite of dire weather warnings of snow
and very strong winds. A long run to Goldstone Wharf for most boats. The wind made steering a very heavy job.
Some of us even managed to get blown onto the side and had to pole off.

Cosy on boardMooring in the snow

Some of us having a drink having arrived safely at Goldstone Wharf. The weather was cold outside, but the fire (& drinks) soon warmed us up.

The weather turned a bit rough later in the afternoon. David and Liz gave a fine demonstration of mooring "Boadicea" in a blizzard..

The Wharf TavernIn The Anchor

The meal in the Wharf Tavern was very enjoyable. We were seated altogether in a room to ourselves.

The visit to the Anchor was a pleasant interlude in the day. Of course, we filled the two rooms and the blazing fires and the 6X soon warmed us after the mornings frosty boating.

Floating cafeRon cleans up!

"Enigma" served baked potatoes with pan warmed beans, untinned chill and cheese for lunch. Our oven was not large enough, so thanks to "Lettice Knollys" for lending extra baking capacity.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the food.
Ron was a good boy and ate up all his dinner!

Satisfied customersEarly start from Gnosall

We all managed a smile for the camera, despite the cold!

I thought I was early setting off on Monday, but I found that there were only two boats behind me.


It was the coldest Easter I can remember, but Easter will not be this early again for years.

"Boadicea", "Lettice Knollys" and "The Colour of Magic" are heading home to WBC - cold, tired, but glad to have been on Paul's Polar Cruise!

Paul Bryan - Commodore